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Small business loans

Small business loans

1. in line with the national industry policy, does not belong to small businesses with high pollution and high energy consumption;

2. enterprises in the commercial bank credit is in good condition, without bad credit records;

3. registration approved by the Administrative Department for industry and commerce, and qualified business license, issued by the people's Bank and the normal annual credit card;

4. have the necessary organizational structure, management system and financial management system, a fixed basis, and locations, legitimate business, product marketing, effective;

5. have the capacity to contract, debt repayment, repayment attitude is good, no bad credit records, credit risk classification of assets is a normal class or impact of such non-financial factors;

6. operators or actual control of experience above 3 years, good quality, no bad credit record;

7. profit and stability, years of establishment in principle in 2 years (or more), there is at least one financial report for the fiscal year and above, and 2 consecutive years of sales growth, gross margin is positive;

8. in line with credit policy and small business-related industries;

9. to comply with national financial regulations and relevant regulations of the Bank;

10. the requisition line open a settlement account or settlement account.


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