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Auto loan

Auto loan

(1) the buyer must be at least 18 years of age, and that Chinese citizens have full capacity for civil conduct.

(2) car buyers must have a stable career and relatively stable income or have easy to liquidate assets in order to repay the loan principal and interest. Easy to liquidate assets here generally refer to securities and products such as gold and silver.

(3) during the loan period, the purchaser in handling bank savings counters account deposit lower than the Bank purchases the down payment.

(4) the provision of bank guarantees to banks. If the buyer's personal account is not local, you should also provide a suretyship, the Bank does not accept buyers to set mortgage loans purchased vehicles.

(5) the buyer is willing to accept other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank.

If applicants is has corporate qualification of enterprises, and institutions, is should has following conditions:

(1) has reimbursement Bank loan of capacity;

(2) in application loan during has not below Bank provides of car first paragraph deposit Bank of accounting sector;

(3) to Bank provides was recognized of guarantees;

(4) willing to accept bank proposed of other necessary. Loans referred to in the dealer is recommended by car manufacturers on the basis of bank branches at all levels to dealers based on their financial strength, market share and reputation of the primaries, and then report back the head office, Head Office confirmed, signed with the branches of the auto loans car dealers of the cooperation agreement.


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