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What should a house down payment and not enough

purchase down payments of buyers contemplating purchasing housing prices low. In General, the purchase of higher housing prices, borrowers are required to pay for the down payment, the more, it was asked: If a house down payment enough, what should I do?

If home buyers down payment is not enough, there are several ways that you can solve:

1, and borrow from family and friends

If you're surrounded by friends and relatives willing to support, then it's the best thing, but they also borrow money to measure each other's economic conditions, while signed the IOU, and payments in full and on time, so as not to allow each other's emotional damage.

2, applying for credit

If you have a stable job and income, have the ability to repayment in full and on time, and have a good credit history, you can consider applying for credit. However, personal line of credit is small, typically personal monthly income of 10 times, but of short duration, high interest rates and to combine their repayment ability of the borrower to make a reasonable arrangement.

3, will be on hand marketable securities to liquidate

If you purchase on weekdays funds, stocks or other financial products, in the case of lack of a down payment, you can cash them, although such an approach would lose income, but removed from the embarrassment of borrowing money, nor pay the interest on the loans.