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Small property without mortgage-what to do

small property, is the House where we often say there is no ownership, which the borrower does not own the housing title certificate, only houses of residence, but not right. Provides small property was not listed, and cannot be used for mortgage loans. So, small property since not mortgages do? Small series to tell you!
first, small property cannot be mortgaged loans does not mean that the borrower will not loan. As long as the borrower to meet loan demand, can apply for other loans. Such as car mortgage and credit. Here two loan conditions and introduce methods for everyone.
credit loan
borrower with a steady income for more than six months, at least 3000 Yuan income each month. Also, because it is a credit, so the credit requirements of the individual is pretty high. Overdue for more than 2 times of the individual, to apply for credit is difficult.
Auto mortgage conditions
car mortgage loans also have certain requirements on borrowers ' incomes, credit is required, but comparatively speaking, not so strict on income and credit. Therefore, apply for credit difficulties of small property owners, you can try to change automobile loan mortgage loans. Car mortgage provides mortgage loan applications as long as the borrower qualified cars, with car ownership and related material. Meanwhile, have a certain amount of income and credit, borrowers can apply for the loan.
loan handle method
above two species loan, you are can directly click easy loan network Home, through Home Contact in easy loan network Home real name registered of loan institutions or consultant, first through phone understand loan conditions and costs, problem, if decided Hou, and loan consultant agreed time locations, to loan institutions location met interview, eventually on completed signed loan agreement, borrowing people waiting for loan issued can.
need a reminder, any loans issued before formal lending institutions will not require the borrower to pay fees in advance. For advance pay, are all liars, borrowers should be careful not to be deceived.