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Small and micro enterprises how to apply for a "lingering credit"?

over the years, due to the conditions of vast numbers of small and micro enterprises, enterprise development is needed when facing loan problems. In order to alleviate the problems of small business loans, Chengdu rural commercial bank financing for small customers "the short, fast, frequent, urgent," special, specifically introduced for small and micro businesses "lingering credit", specific details, to talk to a series about it!

small series of understanding, "lingering credit" is characterized by the urgent funding needs of borrowers early response, quick to meet not only saves the borrower should try clubbed together to worry about repayment of the loan when it expires, and you can check in advance, more seamless. In addition, from looking at the financing costs, compared with bank loans of the same type, "lingering credit" can save financing costs per million at least 248 Yuan. To apply for what conditions? How to apply for this?

small series of further understanding, can apply as long as the following conditions are met: (1) applications for enterprises, economic organizations and individuals must credit grade good, (2) the applicant must open a settlement account in Chengdu rural commercial bank; (3) the applicant must have a sustainable business capacity, has a certain ability to repay and (4) other conditions.