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Mortgage note "three no's"

  In housing mortgage loan when the borrower's note loans with "three no's", where small-numbered people specifically say what the "three no's".
"no" do not pay
mortgage loans tend to have a certain cost, this is normal. However, it is not normal is that lending institutions will require the borrower to pay fees in advance. If loans were not asked to pay before the release, are all liars. It should be noted that, should also pay attention to, and not in front of the loan fee.
"secondary" do not use small property mortgage
House property is not property rights, these houses are not mortgage. Expressly set forth in our country, to do with housing mortgages, the procedure must be complete, in which the title certificate is essential. So, if your House is a small property, do not use it to make mortgage loans.
"three no's" fast
don't want to bank loans Bank loan process is complicated, mainly in order to reduce the credit risk. Requires the borrower to provide procedures for many to wait very long. Therefore, if borrowers want to quickly obtain loans through the Bank, had better to think of. Bank loans loans are generally slow.
If you need to quickly handle mortgages, xiaobian recommended the best approach is to contact your local lender or loan intermediary processing.


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