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"Mortgage deal" to the prepayment of heat will last?

Since its September 30 loan policy adjustments, market demand, there is a clear signs of recovery. As the first mortgage to pay off property buyers can enjoy after first treatment, thus emerged early repayment of the property market boom in the near future. "Mortgage deal" has thus become the most important driver of the recovery in the property market. Maximum

benefit improvement needs "mortgage deal" provides that if the first mortgage is fully repaid, buying second homes, down payment and loan interest rates are regarded as first. Before that, according to "acknowledge and recognize credit" rules, regardless of whether the first mortgage has been paid off, buying second home purchases reached 60%, 10% interest rate is floating. This also means that "mortgage deal" after the cost is reduced to buy second homes.
to a total of 2 million yuan of housing as an example, if it is in the "mortgage deal" before down-payment of 1.2 million Yuan, while in "mortgage deal", the first payment is reduced to 600,000 yuan, mortgage rates at a special rate. At present, homebuyers must pay off first the rest of the loan. As buyers bought a House a few years ago the total price is not high, the remaining mortgage amount is small, so the prepayment of a pragmatic choice.
according to the understanding, although mortgage interest rates 70 percent discount is still missing, but two suites (pay off their first loan) down payment dropped to 30%, but most banks have in place. Some improvement real estate popularity rebounded recently, it is clear that with this change in the mortgage market, are directly related.
be still is the market's biggest market, but just to market first, "mortgage deal" had little impact. "Mortgage deal" directly stimulated by the improving the rapid rise in demand, such as the recent selling real estate is no longer just need to play, Chun Jiang Li, Lake City, Huang Jin Maoyue to improve buildings rise, profound changes in the market.
another noteworthy phenomenon is that the past fair, exhibition listings below 90 square meters in size only 47%, Cobo in the previous room, small apartment houses occupy more than half. This change is not accidental, which means many developers have realized that "mortgage deal" type to improve a better delivery opportunities. Accelerating the rhythm plate of large houses, also became a market move. All because of "restriction of limited loan" reasons, improvement needs to be curbed as long as three years.
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"two days ago, went to the West of a property to view the room environment and there are school districts, but the price is a bit high to me, to more than 3 million Yuan. Because it is a second home, down to 60%, I reckon that go to make up so much of the down payment. But sales consultant told me that first house loans to pay off first, then buying a house down payment as long as 30%. "Mr Zhang told reporters that the" mortgage deal "gave him the feeling of twists.
2006 year to hang in the field, bought a total of more than 500,000 yuan in Hangzhou secondary. Provident Fund adequate to repay their mortgage every month, so Mr Cheung had failed to pay off the loan early, leaving more than 200,000 yuan in loans. But now children grow, gradually feel the House isn't enough, also needs to buy a school district, and to buy a House again put on the agenda. Close an account, if previous lump sum of 3 million Yuan House dare not to think at all, light the first payment will be more than 1.8 million Yuan, but today is different, out of more than 200,000 yuan loan, just put more than 900,000 yuan down payment enough. Zhang told reporters that his recent prepayment of bank-related things. Anyway, first home loan to buy a House, must be cost-effective.
buyers like Zhang, more universal, is to improve the real estate buy team. "These people have a certain degree of purchasing power, but the mortgage policy do not adjust, buying a home is still very difficult, may be put off buying or not buying. Loan policy adjustments, down pressure substantially reduced as they demand instant broke out. "More than real estate marketing director told reporters, buyers in the near future, such a high proportion of, like was suddenly released from a cage.
in addition, some tens of millions of Yuan level mansion, recent popularity has rebounded significantly. City Centre, green blue Park, martial arts, martial arts one of the Bund and other real estate, also benefited from "mortgage deal". The customer base is mainly business owners of these mansions, down from 60% to 30%, their down payment money pressures is therefore greatly reduced. Than business loan rates, mortgage rates even if the floating 10%, are still low.