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Look at your mortgage do not cause

buying a House is the most unbearable, is a mortgage loan to the hope, however, maybe some friends managed to scrape up enough down payment, look forward to fast run down mortgage, until may be mortgage no down. Faced with this situation the do? Of course find out why mortgage no down, and make improvements. Then the mortgage is because what do not down?

cannot provides effective of income proved

some Bank on mortgage of requirements is, provides units issued of income proved, and cover Shang units seal can; and some Bank is requirements provides Bank water, and Bank water in the of monthly income best is stable of, if is self-employed or freelancer, monthly income suddenly high suddenly low, not fixed, this situation on is may was Bank refused loan. Therefore, the income standard is the reason mortgages do not come down.

credit histories

generally have one or two overdue is not affecting mortgage applications, and if a continuous period of 90 days or more overdue for another two years, or the cumulative delays in more than 6 times, apply for a mortgage is basically a chance. Bad credit history is the reason most people mortgage no down, and this is not the appropriate solution, you have to wait again two years later, see if I can apply for a mortgage.

age is not reaching

the age limit is usually under 18-60 of the loan, if the borrower is under 55 years of age, the retirement age of 60, but to apply for a mortgage is basically for more than 20 years is unlikely to be run down. Due to repayment of 20 banks fear that borrowers who have no income after retirement, not repayment. Therefore age standards are not likely to lead to mortgage up not down.