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Experts: single family mortgages should consider income levels

Annual singles to come again, just as millions of single men and women are worries for the Bachelor, another voice: "and love to talk about a house", "has a few apartments, far more than ' get naked ' more reliable. "So singles buyers should pay attention to what issues? Buy what is the trick? Read reporter for your weapon.
singles buyers seek independent
reporters by visiting Chengdu major building found in the "closed club" is approaching, many singles come to purchase. "A few years after graduating from University, has always been live with their parents, have been dreaming of owning their own set of warm nest! "Newly set houses Zhang told reporters. Since the beginning of this year, Zhang has been busy with the House and the House, started because of economic conditions, thinking of buying a second-hand House there lived, but after reading several second-hand housing, if unit is not ideal, is the environment is very poor, on the final target to buy a new House.
spent two months Ms Zhang Chengdu, traveled to almost all real estate, North of the city where the environment is good and the surrounding facilities is also very complete. Zhang said: "good location, I don't go to work every weekend will go to the yellow • gold Paris, the new Shangri-La's real estate and compare their price, location, size, delivery time, pool area, and so on. "The middle of last month, Zhang finally yellow • gold set a small apartment house in Paris.
/> case "House slave" bittersweet joy of life
"I hear from Friends Provident Fund housing very affordable, is already under a provident fund for two years, can apply for the Provident Fund loans, buy a small two-bedroom apartment, can save 50,000 yuan of interest, instantly kindled a desire to buy a House. "In the" singles "ahead, Mr Wong of the public Provident Fund loan applications after the House, in the new big-Shangri-La, bought a small apartment house.
"to the Bank every month to pay fixed money, really lived House slave days, buying a House is not easy, single buying less. But the House is forming, years later you can live in, this is bitter sweet. "Mr Wong said with a smile:" always wanted to have a suite, the House doesn't have to be a big, enough for one or two people living on the line, stood on the balcony, watching the city's endless stream. "
reminded in the industry: Provident Fund can be used to make use of
single persons with housing accumulation Fund, at the time of purchase to use as much Fund as possible, even shortly, less Provident Fund, can be used it is best to use, at least, can pay less interest. Limited by capacity to pay, to take fully into account the current income level, ensure the quality of daily life without the affected purchase, the loan term to moderate pressure.
best mainly to middle and small family estate, there are many single persons, housing prices continue to rise, wanted to buy and set aside. However, large scale not only increase the sense of loneliness, cleaning up trouble, singleton select middle and small family, not only will not give undue financial burdens, but also enhance their sense of belonging and urge yourself as soon as possible, "naked", can be said to be convenient and practical. Singles due to busy work to socialize more often there will be hoping, in the purchase, community safety and community levels is also important for property management companies, to ask when buying property company levels, security facilities and other safety issues.