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Bank bad loan rate rose for the first time break 1% small business loan exposures

China releases 2014 three quarterly reports, as at the end of the third quarter, China Merchants Bank had total assets of 4.72 trillion, down 310.474 billion in the second quarter. Worth noting is that the reporting period, Bank bad loan rate above 1%, 1.1%, bad loans earlier than an increase of nearly 50%.

CITIC Securities study report said, China Merchants Bank asset quality risks continue to be exposed to and expected credit costs remain high. Speculated that new bad delivery, mainly mining and small and micro loans. Three quarterly bank disclosure, reporting period small business lending rate is 2.58%.

total assets in the third quarter fell 310.5 billion

the first half, China Merchants Bank added 1.02 trillion in total assets, exceed 5 trillion, out of market expectation, but the speed in the third quarter did not continue. As at the end of the third quarter, China Merchants Bank had total assets of 4.72 trillion, down 310.474 billion in the second quarter.

among them, the liability side mainly in the decline of deposits. As at the end of the third quarter, China Merchants Bank deposits totaled 3.27 trillion, representing an increase of 2.78 trillion at the beginning of the 490.244 billion, but compared with 3.42 trillion at the end of the second quarter showed a decrease of 155.228 billion. This makes the loan increased by 3.9pc to 73%.

to analyze the reasons, strict new rules on deposit appraisal of deviation appears to be effective. On September 12, the Central Bank, the Ministry of finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued a Declaration on strengthening commercial banks issued the notice on matters related to the management of deviation, require stability management in commercial bank deposits, deposit deviation must not exceed 3% of the month, or according to the severity of the corresponding regulatory corrective and punitive measures.

overall, under the influence of deposit appraisal of deviation, listed banks time deposits was affected at the end of the third quarter, compared to second quarter or slightly increased, or decreased. Among them, the bank disclosed its deposits in the third quarter off to 2.3%, in line with the "less than 3%" regulatory requirements. However, most banks three quarterly reports were not disclosed, including the China Merchants Bank deposits deviation data.

bad loan rate of broken 1% bad loans growth 46.9%

is worthy of attention, listed banks face deteriorating asset quality problems, a number of banks bad "double up" situation. Among them, China Merchants Bank as amount of bad loans at the end of the third quarter was 26.923 billion early this year, increasing 8.591 billion, growing at 46.9%; bad loan rate above 1%, up to 1.1%, up 0.27% than the beginning. Review results in recent years, China Merchants Bank 2012 bad loan rate of 0.61%, the first half of 2013, 2014 0.83% 0.98%, show increasing trend.

as at the end of the third quarter, China Merchants Bank bad loan provisions of 227.99% coverage of early this year, down 38.01%; loan loss provision ratio was 2.51%, up 0.29% than the beginning, just meeting the CBRC "not less than 2.5%" assessment requirements.

analysts said that for a long time in the future, commercial banks ' bad loans, "double up" trend of hard, pressure on asset quality. Several commercial banks increase bad loan write-off and release provisions next may further releases of listed banks set aside to deal with the pressure of bad loans.

ping an, Deputy Director of the Institute, Chief Financial Analyst Lai said Masatoshi, regional risk spreading, some asset quality problems have been from a small business into a large or even very large enterprises, stock asset quality problems affecting banks ' asset quality indicators in the third quarter. Haitong securities Chao Jiang agreed that the macro-analyst, banking bad loans to "double up" trend will continue for some time.

general reduction in lending risk effects is not

China "two small" strategy has been a popular concern. As of the reporting period, the Bank "two small" loan balance totals 606.585 billion, 41.561 billion more than earlier, 7.36% growth, but compared to years 4.032 billion. Among them, the small business loans were 275.749 billion yuan, down from earlier 2.57%, small and micro loans of 330.836 billion yuan this year 17.31%.

China Merchants Bank said small business loan growth and accounted for the main reason for the decline is due to the economic slowdown in the channel, active exit the stock risk and reduce the release of General loans, increased acceptance, application of guarantees, letters of credit or other credit.

despite structural adjustment effect, but the data suggest China Merchants Bank small business loans and small and micro loans rate increased again, respectively 2.58% and 0.92% two types of bad loans, end of the previous year increased by 0.65 and 0.34%, respectively.

analysts believe that, in the context of economic downward pressure remains, does not rule out four quarter of the Bank's non-performing assets continued moderate growth of inertia.